Curse of the Otaku

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Enima Anime is here to provide a light, sometimes comical look at current anime. It’s a general reviews/opinions/news/interesting otaku culture site – I will review whole series, but it will NOT be on an episode-by-episode basis. It should be noted that, since I don’t speak much more Japanese than the words directly connected to anime / manga (and don’t worry – I never use them in everyday conversation…o_O), I will have to watch anime subbed – this means that there will be a slight delay in my reviews because I will have to wait for the subs to be released.

Also, Enima is proud to be a member of the all-female round-robin that is currently going on within the blogosphere – yay for women on the internetz!

Please enjoy the blog, and I hope you’ll stick around to see Emina grow. :)

[EDIT] It has also come to my notice that this blog is best viewed in Firefox. Strange bits of code sometimes appear above my articles when viewed in Internet Explorer…no matter how many times I go back and edit, they come back. My only advice is to use Firefox (which is a better browser anyway…*cough, cough*)

*All pictures used on this blog are property of their respective owners, and DO NOT belong to me. If I have used one of your pictures on this blog and you want it taken down, please notify me and I will remove it immediately. *


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