Wow…This Site Still Exists.


So…as I was exploring the interwebs this fine Thanksgiving Day (Thanksgiving for those of us in America, anyways), I remembered that I had a blog…details, my first blog entry in many months, and my early New Year’s Resolution behind the cut!

When I began this blog over the summer, I had planned to have it be one of those review-every-episode anime blogs…but, as I’m sure you can see, I could not accomplish this. My life was (and still IS) too busy to do one of those types of blogs. However, stumbling back across this abandoned section of the tubes, I found that it was not nearly as abandoned as I had thought. People are still linking to my pages, and I’m still getting feedback…believe it or not!

So, inspired by this strange turn of events, I have decided to pick this blog back up! I have learned enough to know that I cannot keep trying to run it the way I was before – hence, this blog will now be mainly anime news, whole series reviews, and wallpaper/art posts (I am a graphic design student, after all…).

Thanks to any readers left, and to any new readers beginning. I promise to blog with all my heart, now! I can’t promise a daily update, or massive screencaps, but I can promise quality entries about worthwhile topics. Let’s try again blogosphere – welcome back ENIMA ANIME v. 2.0!!

ps. That picture at the top of this page is a wallpaper for you, colored by me, from the series Paradise Kiss (or ParaKiss for short…you may notice the striking similarity to the header…>.<). It’s my apology for having such a shitty blog, and my promise to improve, beginning today!


~ by enima01 on November 27, 2008.

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  1. Awesome!!

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