Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Episode 2

On a quest to obtain the Portable Dream Station (lol, it’s a DS!), Haruka takes her first trip to Akihabara on a date outing with Yuuto! Behind the cut: figurines, cosplayers, Haruka’s gashapon gambling problem, and a maid café!

It’s not a date, it’s not a date…just keep telling yourself that, Haruka…

Today we see Haruka and Yuuto walking to school together while talking about Clumsy Aki-Chan…awww! Well, it would be incredibly romantic if it wasn’t for the horde of murderous students looking to wipe Yuuto’s existence of the face of the Earth. Eventually, they are forced to make a run for it, but escape unscathed.

Haruka seizes this incredibly romantic moment (lol) to ask Yuuto out on a date (she’ll deny it, but that’s what it is). Yuuto is happy to accept until he finds out where they’ll be going…Akihabara!

Where else would an otaple go on a date? (otaple = otaku couple, for all ya’ll who haven’t watched Genshiken~)

Where else would an otaple go on a date? (otaple = otaku couple, for all ya’ll who haven’t watched Genshiken~)

Anyway, Yuuto meets Haruka at the station, and they decide on their route (based on a laughable map made by Haruka). Much frivolity ensues, but since I’m trying to make these summaries shorter, I’ll only hit the highlights.

Highlight 1: Haruka and doujin. Remember that Lucky Star episode where Kagami picks up that yaoi at ComiFest? It was like that, but cuter (if possible)…I think it was the little “Nyah~!” noise that she made as she fainted…

Don’t worry Haruka, you’ll learn to love it!

Don’t worry Haruka, you’ll learn to love it!

Highlight 2: Haruka and foreigners. Yuuto looses Haruka in the crowds, only to find her surrounded by some burly foreigners, who…just needed directions? Lol, only in anime! Haruka would have been beyond raped if that happened in the real world…

You tell ‘em, Yuuto?

You tell ‘em, Yuuto?

Highlight 3: Haruka and gashapon. It’s an addiction – I mean the girl has a PROBLEM! It was so funny to watch…only because I can totally see myself doing the same thing! Better hope Haruka never goes to Vegas!

One more try!

One more try!

Highlight 4: Haruka and the Maid Café. Or, more accurately, Haruka and the maid cosplay! It was like a moe-xplosion! Plus, the picture was cute…now they have one more secret!

Of course, the PDS was sold out by the time they got there, but Yuuto did the “it wasn’t a waste because I spent the time with you” speech, as he was supposed to. All things are right with the anime world.




I know that some people are turned off by the super sweetness that is Nogizaka Haruka, but I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff…I mean, really, this girl is more moe than Mikuru! She’s so moe, it’s downright disgusting! As somewhat ashamed as I am to say it, I love this anime!

And, as I keep watching (because I’ve watched up to episode 4, even thought I haven’t blogged them all), I keep liking the way that Haruka is portrayed as an otaku. Her fears, her hesitations, her excitements – they’re all exaggerated (to make it fun to watch), but at the base, they’re very realistic. Expect more on this topic after episode 3.

Final Review

4.5 / 5

I just noticed that I’ve given 4.5/5 to all the anime episodes this season (except Natsu no Sora, but I’m not blogging that anymore.)…

Ps. If you haven’t seen Scrumptious Anime’s post on Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu and the Real Otaku, I highly suggest it. Link is here.


~ by enima01 on August 5, 2008.

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  2. Aw, thanks for the linkage. Though I’m starting to think that I made some people have the wrong impression about the show, if they think it was actually as deep as I made it seem like lol. After this, I’ll just enjoy what more of moe moe Haruka (with some Yuuto rabu rabu) this anime has to offer XD

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