Ouran High School Host Club OP DUBBED (and made of FAIL)!

Ok, so I was being COMPLETELY supportive of the Ouran dub cast and was a fan of what Funimation was doing with the anime…until THIS.






I’ve attatched the video here. The quality isn’t the best, but when I find a better one, I’ll update it.

This IS the official thing – shown at Anime Expo 2008.

Make sure you have a trash can nearby when you watch this, because you WILL want to throw up. This is the definition of EPIC FAIL – you have been warned.

ps. Sorry for the CAPS-LOCK abuse, here. I’m just so…geh. :(


~ by enima01 on July 13, 2008.

4 Responses to “Ouran High School Host Club OP DUBBED (and made of FAIL)!”

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  2. Hmm… maybe cos your comments preempted me about it and I lowered my expectations quite a bit. Sounded OK I guess but nothing compared to the original of course :) I can’t hear the lyrics clearly tho… maybe that’s why it didn’t sound bad to me? ^^”

  3. @ponytale: yeah, i probably went a little overboard on the comments there, but i still really hate it! XD but then again. i’m never a big fan of translated songs…to me, either keep it as it is, or choose a completely different song.

  4. umm, why are you SO obsessed with what the opening song is like…seriously, who cares, as long as the rest of it is still good what does the opener have to do with anything, and besides if they directly translated it wouldn’t have made as much sense, it was americanised for people who want to be able to understand the song, yes it is dumb, but once again, it doesn’t matter what the opener is like if the rest is okay right??

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