Natsu no Sora: Episode 1

Sorry for the late post on this one – it took me forever to find subs! Anyway, on to the review – Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto ~Natsu no Sora~ (from here on referred to as simply Natsu no Sora) Episode 1.

OP: “Fly Away” by THYME

I’ll be honest; I wasn’t a really big fan of this song. It was upbeat, and I think it fit the anime pretty well, but not something I’d listen to on my MP3 player or anything…I get the feeling it’s going to be one of those that I skip in the future. Screenshots are above, molded into a killer montage for your viewing pleasure!

The dead (?) father


This was pretty much your basic introduce-the-characters episode. We got a good look at Sora’s family – her mom, her dog, and her dead (I presume? That wasn’t particularly made clear…o_O) father.

Mitsuki and Sora’s meeting spot under the bridge. Made me think of FLCL, minus the smoking…XD

We also see her uncle and cousin Mitsuki, who she seems to be very close with. In addition to being introduced to the characters, we also see a fair amount of scenery and get a good feel for where Sora lives…which is pretty much Hicksville, Japan-version.

The scenery really is gorgeous in this anime.

And then the true story begins – Sora’s mom gets a call from the Magic Bureau, informing her that Sora has been accepted to the Mage Academy! I kind of got the feeling that she had applied more than once for this, so… yay, Sora! She’s gonna go be a mage like her daddy! Unfortunately, this means leaving Hicksville (population: you and you dog), and going to stay by herself in Tokyo. Everyone congratulates Sora, but she has one thing she needs to do before she leaves – she’s gonna go help Mitsuki confess to her secret object of affection, who happens to be transferring schools.

Sora and Mitsuki discuss the secret object of affection.

Mitsuki says she wanted to see the winter scenery with him before he transfers away to Hokkaido, so Sora uses her magic to make snow fall from the ceiling while Mitsuki is confessing. All together now: AWWWWWWWWW~!!!

Definitely the highlight of the episode – Sora uses her magic!

Finally, a tearful goodbye between momma and Sora, as Sora hops into the pickup to be driven to the airport. The last shot we get is Sora on the airplane, wondering what Tokyo will be like…

Momma and Sora share a touching moment. I intrude to capture this moving screenshot.


I like the storyline and characters thus far – episode one was a good hook. I want to see where this goes – especially on the magical front, since this is supposed to be an anime about magic, and so far magic has only had about 1:30 minutes of screentime…

A strange blend of art. I know I’m re-using this picture, but it works here too.

Art-wise is where I hit difficulties, though. I find the contrast between the style of the characters and the style of the backgrounds to be rather distracting. I wish they would have put as much work into the moving characters as they did the backgrounds. On that note, I wasn’t sure whether the backgrounds in some scenes were pictures or photographs. See the bridge picture above for an example of that. If anyone can tell, please let me know…either way, however, I wasn’t a big fan.

…although, I’m really interested to see the Tokyo city-scape with this kind of background detail…

Final Review

3 / 5  (meh. the art is a big let-down for me, but I’m curious to see what they do with the story… )


~ by enima01 on July 6, 2008.

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  3. Definately one of my favourite Summer season animes.

  4. The art is a “hard to adjust” to kinda thing though. But I think its pretty decent. I think her dad got magiced in a tree…>_> I wanna see whats happened there! Its nice and slow paced though. Diff to all the action packed stuff. Also, if you want subs, I reccomend Rumi ;) They’re a lot more appealing. and are great places to find new subbing groups. Rumi –

  5. @ mnemosynex: hmmmm…yeah, it really seems to be a love-it or hate-it thing with the art for this one. unfortunately, i’m on the hate-it side – lol! i’m pretty sure the dad is dead (it clears this up in ep. 3), although they sure didn’t make that clear in THIS episode! it would have been pretty cool if he was magicked in the tree, though…might have made the series more interesting. XD
    thanks for the sub recommendation – unfortunately, they’re not subbing anything i’m blogging this season, but i’ll keep them in mind for the fall season! :)

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