Summer 2008 Anime – What I’m Watching

Ok! Since I told you guys that I was planning on beginning my blogging with the Summer 2008 anime season, i figured i should probably tell you which series I’ll be watching / blogging. I’m only starting out with three, because I figured it would be better to start small. Anyway, to the anime:

Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto ~Natsu no Sora~

Basically, it’s a slice-of-life anime with a twist – all the characters can use magic! The government has adapted to this, and has created the Bureau of Magic to control when and why people use their magic.

Ok…honesty time! I just REALLY like the art in every promo picture I’ve seen for this show. I’m not that big a fan of the slice-of-life stuff (Lucky Star being the exception! >.<), but…it looks so pretty!

Natsume Yuujin-chou

This one is about a boy (Natsume Takashi) who has the ability to see ghosts and spirits and such. He learns of the reason behind his special skills when he inherits a book from his late grandmother – this book records the names of the spirits and binds them via un-breakable contract to the owner of the book. Takashi (feeling that this is some kind of spiritual cruelty or something) makes it his new noble quest mission to free all the spirits bound to the book.

As Impz over at T.H.A.T Animeblog mentioned (, I’m kind of getting FMA vibes here…it must be the blond hair, black clothes, red flowing jacket, and hand-clappity thing. o_O

On a more serious note, I DO like the sound of this one. I’m a sucker for the supernatural stuff…it’s a good thing I wasn’t blogging when I watched Mushi-shi…

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu

Two words: Otaku. bishojo.

This is a school-life anime about a girl who seems to be perfect at pretty much anything. She’s admired by her classmates, pretty, rich, etc, etc. However – she has one secret! She’s actually a hardcore otaku! *gasp!* D:

I LOVE anime about otaku (Welcome to the NHK, Genshiken, etc.) – I’m definitely in.

So, there you go. There’s a good number of shows besides these that will be showing (of course), but for the most part, they struck me as fanservice-y and hopless-sequel-y. I really had my hopes up after this slightly weaker Spring 2008 season, but…oh well. At least there’s nothing of To-LOVE-Ru level this season. *shudder*


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